White Tiger Face Serum by Alexandra Wagner


This powerhouse serum is designed to brighten and transform your complexion.Tiger grass plant stem cells reduce redness, even skin tone and improve elasticity. White turmeric fights free radical damage and peptides work to minimize fine lines.White mulberry extract and alpha arbutin combat pigmentation. Made with pure ingredients chosen by facialist Alexandra Wagner, White Tiger is a unique blend for radiant glowing skin.


Apply small amount to face and neck one a day on clean skin, increasing to twice a day after one week. Maximum results can be seen with continuous use


Tiger grass plant stem cells- reduce redness, Mega hydrating, firming, improves elasticity

White turmeric- potent antioxidant fights free radical damage, as well as brightening, anti inflammatory

White mulberry, Alpha-arbutin, Palmaria Palmata Extract, Oligopeptide-51 - Brighteners to combat hyperpigmentation and minimize discoloration for even skin tone

Sodium hyaluronate- helps skin retain water to maintain maximum hydration(smaller molecular for of hyaluonic acid so its more absorbent)

Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-19- fine line softening, skin smoothing

***Light scented with essential oils of Orange peel oil, jasmine and Lavender.

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