Viva Cup


  • Our menstrual cups are made of safe, non-toxic, medical grade silicone that meets or exceeds all FDA and ROHS standards. They are BPA-free, dioxin free, PBE and PBDE free, lead free, mercury free and cadmium free.
  • Extra soft and flexible for extreme comfort, ideal for active women. The stem of the cup has small ribs for grip, and can be trimmed for comfort.
  • Cups can be worn overnight and up to 12 hours at a time depending on flow. Two sizes are available: pre-birth (small), and post-birth (large), so that you can find the size that fits your body and your flow best. Menstrual cup is graduated at 7.5ml, and 15ml to measure flow.C
  • Great for travel.You can use it anywhere, from swimming to Hiking or just sleeping overnight.
  • These generic menstrual cups are ideal for women who are looking for a simple, economical, safe, and most of all convenient, alternative feminine product. 
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