Sagely Relief Recovery Cream


Packed with CBD, essential oils, and cooling menthol, Sagely Relief & Recovery Cream helps tired, stressed, or fatigued muscles and joints. It combats discomfort, leaving you feeling more comfortable, relieved, and ready to live your fullest life.

Our original formula was created by PhD chemists, in state of the art facilities and with premium hemp, made only in the USA.

Key Ingredients

Peppermint & Menthol : Cooling, anti-inflammatory*
Safflower Seed Oil : Deeply hydrating and packed with essential vitamins
Argan Oil : Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to hydrate the skin
CBD : Relieves minor aches and pains, anti-inflammatory*
How to Use

1. Apply liberally to affected area
2. Massage into affected areas for 30-60 seconds
3. Repeat daily or when discomfort occurs

What to Expect

Cooling to the skin, Sagely’s non-greasy, lightweight formula absorbs quickly and does not stain clothes. Our customers have experienced the best results after using Sagely’s Relief & Recovery Cream daily for at least a week.

Sagely’s products are free from Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Artificial Colors or Dyes, or Sulfates.

Made in USA, not tested on animals

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