Remedy Beauty Brew


A beautifying brew made by herbalist Jessica Rothstein ~ 

Beauty starts from within. What we feed our bodies as fuel not only brings balance into our life but it shows on the outside too! It emanates in the appearance of our hair, skin, nails and even our state of mind. Chikweed and dandelion work together to strengthen and cleanse the liver breaking through stagnation and buildup resulting in clear, youthful and brighter skin. Stinging Nettle is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals which are necessary for healthy hair and it also helps energize and improve our mood. Hibiscus and rose are full of antioxidants improving the elasticity of the skin, bringing enriching soothing hydration. Guava has been used to thicken and increase new hair growth while exfoliating the scalp reducing dandruff. Steep this tea in boiling water for 10 minutes and enjoy daily. Expand the way you incorporate this tea into your daily beauty routine. Steep in a herbal bath or brew a strong cup to use as a refreshing hair rinse.

chickweed, dandelion, guava, hibiscus, rose, stinging nettle 

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