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Current Season: Taurus
April 19th-May 19th and the Taurus New Moon on April 22nd

Prepare to find inner stillness as we all connect deeper with Mother Nature. The Taurus season and New Moon is a time to feel into all of your senses to align with the peaceful vibrations of planet Earth. It's time to slow down, to feel the sun on your skin, your feet on the ground, and a cool breeze blowing softly through your hair. Taurus Season helps us feel not only connected but supported by the Universe as we align with our own inner reliance.

No matter your personal Sun sign, Align with Taurus’s energy with this workbook to discover your true self. The work of Taurus brings us first to stillness, then to our creativity, then to a firm understanding of our self-worth. Through realizing our worthiness we create abundance. The Taurus workbook walks you through this journey, helping you develop true self-worth and abundance in all forms in your life. 

An interactive experience, written each month, the Taurus Workbook can be used throughout Taurus Season or just on her New Moon. It guides you through her season, giving you tools to align with her energy. When the Taurus vibrations culminate on the New Moon, the workbook provides even more tools to harness the magic of the New Moon to create new beginnings.  

Written each month by Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter

The Taurus workbook contains:

  • The astrological significance of Taurus Season.
  • Taurus Moonscopes (for your Moon sign and Taurus
  • Crystals descriptions for Taurus   
  • Taurus Meditations
  • Taurus  Lunar Flow
  • Tips for calling in abundance
  • Important information about what a New Moon means
  • The current astrological information for the New Moon in Taurus  
  • Taurus New Moon Circle Set Up
  • New Moon Intention Setting Exercises
  • New Moon Journaling Prompts 
  • New Moon Affirmation Guide
  • Taurus Personal SignsWaxing Moon transits/exercises Waning Moon transits/ exercises 

      Cover Art by Rebecca Reitz 

      *Pre-Order Only*

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