Monoi de Tahiti Coconut Shampoo


Fabulous for all hair types, this conditioning shampoo made with the new generation of ultra gentle, sulfate free surfactants thoroughly cleans your hair without stripping your natural moisture while adding extra emollients for soft, manageable and full hair. Soothing aloe vera juice, emollient shea butter, infused coconut oil and moisturizing jojoba oil condition your scalp and hair. Pro-vitamin B5 panthenol, often called the "beauty vitamin," penetrates and strengthens the cuticle. Plant amino acids and plant esters smooth and protect your hair's cuticle from the common stresses of brushing, drying and styling as well as coloring, commercial styling product use and sun exposure. AND, the fresh and true aroma of pure essential oils will leave you (and your bathroom) smelling divine! 

Monoi de Tahiti: ultra subtle scent of infused tiare blossoms (To enjoy more of this beautiful aroma, pair with the Monoi de Tahiti Conditioner.)

Use this shampoo to:

  • gently cleanse your hair without stripping 
  • condition your scalp and hair with guar, shea and jojoba oils 
  • strengthen your hair's cuticle with panthenol, plant esters and amino acids 
  • leave your hair soft and full with body, manageability and shine 

For best results:

  • Apply to wet hair primarily at the scalp, massage and rinse well with tepid water. Rinsing your hair of shampoo will adequately cleanse the "ponytail" section and ends of your hair. Follow with conditioner and/or vinegar rinse and mask as needed. When drying your hair, press into a towel rather than rubbing or wringing and avoid brushing until your hair is dry to reduce breakage and split ends. 

Made with:

Monoi de Tahiti is created by infusing the beautifully scented tiare gardenia blossoms in pure coconut oil. We then blend our jasmine blossom infusion with cuticle-protecting gluten-free quinoa protein, pro-vitamin B5 panthenol + smoothing plant esters for a shampoo and conditioner that gives your hair incredible fullness, softness + shine. Coconut oil is able to penetrate inside the hair to minimize protein loss, helping to protect your hair from styling, heat + environmental damage as well as moisturize + soothe your scalp for YOUR BEST HAIR EVER!
(The conditioner may also be used as a "cleansing conditioner" to replace shampoo every few washes + as a leave-on product.)

Coconut Shampoo: Gratitude + jasmine blossom infusion, sodium cocoyl taurate, sodium cocoyl isthionate, tiare gardenia-infused coconut oil, panthenol, quinoa hydrolyzed protein, glycol stearate, olive + alkyl esters, guar gum, methyl glucose caprate/ caprylate/ oleate (plant-sourced thickener), glucolactone + sodium benzoate (ECOcert preservative), gardenia absolute essential oil, tiare gardenia absolute, organic vanilla + love.

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