Kiss of Venus Chocolate


'Kiss of Venus' :: Chocolate of the Goddess

Immerse yourself in this beautifying blend of Rose & Pearl, infused into heirloom Ecuadorian cacao with sundried cane crystals, cardamom, vanilla and sea salt.

This is pure, unroasted cacao, stoneground with the highest quality ingredients to alchemize into blissful flavors and a smooth, silky sweetness.

A 1.1 ounce bar with three squares, each embossed with the 'Kiss of Venus' the harmonized orbit of Venus around the Sun, seen from the Earth.

Ingredients :: Cacao*, Sundried Cane Crystals*, Cacao Butter*, Pearl Powder, Cardamom*, Vanilla Bean*, Sea Salt, Rose Otto*. *Organic


Rose Otto :: This organic rose oil from Bulgaria is made using 60 roses for one single drop of oil. Heart warming, and thought to open the heart to Love.

Pearl Powder :: Enzymatically activated pearl, for easy assimilation. Known as a beauty tonic, it promotes lustrous and clear skin. Supports the skeletal tissue and bone. High in calcium, trace minerals and amino acids.

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