Annahmol Authentic Frankincense Incense


From designer Annah Chakola: 

My grandmother lived by the water in a small
Southern Indian coastal town. Every evening she would
ceremonially smoke her home with frankincense resin.
It was a ritual I loved, it filled her home with a warm earthy scent -
a cleanse, purifying the space daily and helped maintain one’s
spiritual center. It was a place I found comfort in for many years.

Burning incense was ceremony for me. As I got deeper into my spiritual practice and started travelling the world, that unforgettable scent still lingered in my mind. Everything I found since had an
artificial smell that lingered and somehow did not feel natural - until I met a man from a village on the outskirts of my hometown of
kochi who was on his own quest, a little bit of an eccentric!
He would gather frankincense resin from forest produce, crush coconut shell, all using self made prototypes in his backyard until he was able to create the nostalgia of my youth ...on a stick.

100% natural frankincense resin and coconut shell charcoal.
I was finally home and happy to share with the world this
ceremonial smoke with ancient roots.


12 Hand Rolled Sticks

100% Natural

Arrives with a reusable block print pouch. 









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