Purity Rosewater


Since ancient times Egyptian and Persian Queens have used Rose water as a beautifying tonic. Wake up your skin with a hydrating mist of pure roses. Purity Roswater is a hydrosal toner that will work gently, leaving your skin refreshed and soothed. The subtle rose scent in this pure floral water is due to its pure distillation, allowing the water to contain all
of the essence of a rose. This isn’t water mixed with an essential oil, this is the pure juice of the petals that have not been sprayed with chemicals. 
Use Purity Rosewater to take off your makeup, spray as a midday pick me up, or as a toner. The Rosewater balances the PH of skin, promotes cell renewal, has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritated skin, and helps brighten the complexion. 
Rose opens the heart chakra and clears energy. 
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