Venus Potion ~ Collaboration with Wooden Spoon


In collaboration with Shiva Rose, we present the Venus Potion. This blend is made up of schisandra berry, shatavari root, red rose petal and pink lady's slipper flower essence. Once you take it, the rose immediately evokes sensuality and pleasure. Schisandra lends a tangy note, adaptogenic qualities and hormone support. The shatavari moistens and supports the tissues of the sexual organs, is an aphrodisiac and adaptogen, and promotes fertility. A loose translation of its name means "she with one hundred husbands." These herbs are all infused for one moon cycle. Then we add pink lady's slipper flower essence, made from a special stand without harm to this beautiful endangered plant. Pink lady's slipper is so energetically potent. To come across her in the woods is a special treat that will stop you in her tracks. Her energy is overtly sexual, soft and beautiful. Her flower essence energetically helps us to release shame around the body. It helps us relax and get into a sensual state in all that we do.*

Ingredients: red rose petal*, shatavari*, schisandra*, pink lady’s slipper flower essence*, plant-derived glycerine*, distilled water

To use: Take a dropperful up to four times a day.

1 ounce glass bottle with dropper lid.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intent to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.

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