Zen Bunni Rose Hot Coco


We've combined our biodynamic chocolate with Bulgarian Rose Oil amd hand ground cardamon to create a beautiful rose drinking chocolate. Rose oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Uplifting ones spirit as well as promoting life with its antidepressant and aphrodisiac properties. One more way ZenBunni Chocolate and The Local Rose are spreading our love in this world today...

Biodynamic & Organic Bulgarian Rose, Salt, Cardamon, 70% Cacao, Cacao Powder, Cane Jaggery
Healing Properties
Legendary Aphrodisiac
Mood Elevation
Strengthens Gums, Hair, and Skin

Deep in the Balkan Mountain Ranges of Bulgaria hide the last of a mythic breed of ancient unicorns.
Their gaurdian was once considered the most beautiful woman in all of Bulgaria,
and was groomed to be the Queen of Roses. The day of the crowning she fled into the woods,
disenchanted by what she had seen and heard that day. She found herself
deep down the forest path, eventually to a gentle stream. Heartbroken she pulled out her grandmothers satchel
and took out a piece of rose chocolate to calm herself and lift her spirit. As dusk approached,
she yearned for a sign. Just then a small, white. majestic creature nuzzled her and put it’s head on her lap.

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