Heart Light Flower Essence by Joanne Ameya


This activated flower essence remedy formula is meant to open your own heart so that you may open to another. Your heart will soften and with this, you will deeply connect with others, perhaps in a way you haven't experienced for a long time. This specially created formula was made by Flower Essence Goddess Joanne Ameya through deep meditation and years of study as a practitioner. 

Heart Light is a balm for anyone who has gone through heart trauma, breakups, or just finding the path to self-love. It brings light and love. 



Shake the bottle before using, then fill the dropper and refill back in the bottle so you get a new dropper full. Place three to four drops under the tongue three times a day for best results.  Best kept out of light and not near computers and cell phones. 



Hemp Agrimony - Eases feelings or perceptions of aloneness or disconnectedness while enhancing connection in the heart

Pink Amaranthus - Helps to enter or stay in relationships by easing fears around love and intimacy

Marshmallow - Keeps the emotional body soft and fluid so that relating with oneself or others is easeful

Borage - Provides lightness and courage so that the heart can continue to open and deepen

Dog Rose - Helps to access love when feelings of fear or anxiety arise in relating with others

Angelica - Provides angelic protection which makes the experience of opening to love feel extremely safe  

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