Goddess Ghee ~ Lunar Cacao


8oz //

This magical dark ghee fudge is made with grass fed ghee, truly raw Appalachian honey, raw cacao powder*, Shatavari root powder*, Maca root powder*, Ashwaganda root powder, vanilla bean powder*, + Celtic sea salt. (*organic*)

This blend is crafted in honor of the moon with the intention to nourish & support women throughout their moon cycles. A blend of herbs known to support hormonal health & blood flow, this magnesium rich blend is the perfect go to ghee when your body craves chocolate.

Try it straight as it is, right off the spoon (( or finger)), in baked goods, blended into cacao elixirs, or gently warmed and drizzled over oats, crumbles,...all the things. Share your Mooncycle inspirations with us by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram!

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